IR Services
•    Contact hundreds of investment professionals on daily basis
•    Assistance in regulatory matters
•    Access to investment bankers and venture capitalists

PR Services
•    Customized marketing and advertising strategy
•    Writing and editing of press releases
•    Press release dissemination and media placement
•    Real time distribution of corporate events via social media
•    Designing and producing promotional material
•    Internet exposure and website development
•    Coaching for conference calls and trade shows

Broker and Investor Services
•    Unique lead generation program for brokers
•    Automated email distribution

Business Development Services
•    Industry research
•    Business alliance development
•    Capital development
•    Shelf registration

Through our partners, we can also provide:
•    Investment Banking
•    Fundraising
•    IPO or Reverse Merger
•    Referrals or audits by securities, legal and accounting